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The leading segmentation system for understanding Quebec’s customers and markets


An extension of the PRIZM® segmentation system, PRIZM QC offers 57 segments that capture the demographics, lifestyles and values in Quebec. PRIZM is a registered trademark of Claritas, LLC.

Featuring privacy-compliant data from dozens of marketing and media sources, PRIZM QC gives you access to over 40,000 data points and can be combined with your own customer data to create a 360-degree view of your best customers. From marketing strategies and site decisions to merchandising, mobile analytics and media planning, PRIZM QC powers decision-making. 



Understand your customers

Differentiate products and services based on your best customers, prospects and competitors.

Identify top markets

Pinpoint high-potential neighbourhoods and markets. 

Execute your strategy

Determine the right products, media and messages for reaching your customers.

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See Quebec Through a Whole New PRIZM


Now in its fourth generation, PRIZM QC and the databases it connects to offer users access to more than 40,000 data points about Quebec consumers’ motivations and behaviours. 

Gain a fresh perspective on Quebec’s distinct markets and communities


  • 57 individually named and imaged segments illustrate the variety among Quebec’s lifestyles. 
  • New segments capture social currents including the growing prominence of millennials, an increasing senior population and the rise in multigenerational households
  • A new "Urban Fringe" classification highlights once-suburban areas that are now much more urban as a result of intensification.
  • 42 francophone segments and 15 that are anglophone or culturally diverse.


Download PRIZM QC Variables:

Answer key marketing questions about Quebec customers


  • Who are they (age, wealth, diversity, education)?
  • What are they like (sports, leisure, arts, spending)?
  • Where do they live, work and shop?
  • How do they think (psychographics, values)?
  • How can they be reached (media preferences)?


Sample PRIZM data for free on the PRIZM postal code lookup.


Accurate, comprehensive and privacy-compliant information


  • PRIZM QC is developed by leading experts in Quebec demographics and geography at city, provincial and regional levels.
  • Access information at all levels of geography down to the postal code and dissemination area.
  • Built with psychographic information to better understand the drivers behind behaviours and consumer choices.

Find more information about the PRIZM QC database including metadata, release notes, technical documents and glossaries on our community site.

Engage your customers and markets 


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