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Understand how the CPG-specific behaviours of Canadians are changing

ShopperChoice offers insights into how the shopping choices of Canadians are changing, including behaviours and attitudes towards in-store purchase decisions, online shopping and smart shopping solutions, solving for meal occasions at home and on-the-go, and addressing health & wellness priorities. The ShopperChoice database uncovers the what, where, how, and why behind the motivations for meal planning, health and wellness and household item purchases.

Access more than 2,000 variables, available by postal code, to help you understand CPG-specific behaviours and attitudes as they relate to pre-store, in-store, and online activity.

ShopperChoice 2021 will now include a more granular view into shoppers’ attitudes and behaviours, including COVID-19 specific variables. Where possible, we have preserved the full scale for a behaviour so that the distribution can paint a better picture.

Shopping Habits

In-store and online shopping decisions, store characteristics, pricing/payment, packaging, online product quality, pick-up and delivery

Health and Wellness

Dietary changes, healthy alternatives, important label claims, nutrition, organic food

Solving for Meals

Eating at home, meal prep and planning, eating out, ordering-in, meal habits, meal types, and ready-to-eat food

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Use ShopperChoice for:


  • Product and service innovation – Link shopper preference trends to key segments of interest to validate the potential for new product and service offerings and quantify the size of the opportunity.
  • In-store and online merchandising – Customize store offerings, assortment and layout to promote products that best meet the needs of key segments of interest or shoppers in specific store trading areas.
  • Communication strategy – Develop compelling and relevant marketing messaging that speaks to unique preferences of key segments of interest as a means to attract them to your stores and products both online and offline.

Find more information about the ShopperChoice database including metadata and release notes on our community website.

        ShopperChoice Webinar

        Learn how you can benefit from Shopper insights and gain an even deeper understanding of consumers by integrating ShopperChoice with other demographic, behavioural and psychographic information.


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