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Access quarterly updates on the financial and economic well-being of Canadians

WealthScapes users can now access more frequent updates to the economic and financial picture of Canadians at the neighbourhood level. WealthTrends is an essential add-on that provides quarterly updates to 20 key statistics, including some WealthScapes and Employment Rate variables. Quarterly estimates are modelled using key inputs and control totals from Equifax, Teranet, Canadian Financial Monitor, Bank of Canada, Labour Force Survey, National Economic Accounts and DemoStats. Using up-to-date information, WealthTrends reflects Canadians' economic well-being throughout the year and better captures the impact of economic factors and events to help you better understand market fluctuations and policy changes. 

New WealthScapes add-on for pandemic recovery planning

Early into the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that Canadian household balance sheets would be impacted and that economic conditions would take a turn. Canadians began to feel the impact as soon as March 2020, with governments' restrictions and guidelines at all levels causing many businesses to change their daily operations in Canada and abroad. WealthTrends can help users in the financial, retail and government sectors better understand market fluctuations and policy changes to inform and develop strategies that reflect current economic conditions. WealthTrends is available to licensed WealthScapes users. 

Understand your customers

Access quarterly updates to the economic and financial status of Canadians at the postal code level

Score financial wellness

Understand the effect of the pandemic on the overall financial wellness of your customers

Adapt your strategy

Tailor products or messaging to reflect economic conditions to retain or grow your client base

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Key Statistics from WealthScapes Updated Quarterly

Better understand Canadians' liquid assets, debt and real estate investments based on more frequent data releases. Answer common questions like:

• How should advisors develop financial plans and programs?

    • How are we trending compared to the market?

    • Which of our trade areas are trending better than others?

    • Are our segments trending in the right direction?

    Find release notes, metadata and more information on our Community website.

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            Learn from our experts about current trends in assets, liabilities and income of Canadians and find out why powerful insights generated from the WealthScapes database are an essential resource for any organization looking to gain a better understanding of the financial and investment behaviours of their market. 

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