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Traveller insights for the tourism sector

Get the insights needed to understand, market to and grow business with Canadian and American travellers. VisitorView uses privacy-compliant, anonymous mobile location data, administrative datasets and analytics to identify Canadian and American neighbourhoods whose residents have a high propensity to travel within Canada.

Find out where your visitors are coming from and when they travel, using the latest data, to develop campaign strategies that attract travellers to Canada, its provinces and territories or one of the 85 tourism regions defined by Destination Canada.

Marketers and analysts use VisitorView to answer questions like: 

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on travel patterns comparing 2019 and 2020?
  • When will visitors start to return to my tourism region?
  • Where should we focus our marketing efforts and dollars?
  • Which visitors have the strongest growth potential?

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Access reliable visitor data

Accurate and timely visitor data built specifically for the tourism sector


Identify travel patterns

Compare month-over-month or year-over-year activity to differentiate your seasonal strategies


Enhance traveller profiles

Connect to segmentation, demographic and behavioural datasets for an enhanced view of your visitors

Looking for new visitors to your tourism region? 

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Understand Where Canadians Travel Within Canada

VisitorView Canada to Canada

    • Identify domestic overnight travellers to Canadian tourism regions along with the neighbourhoods where they live
        • Access neighbourhood-level estimates of the number of overnight visitors, trips and nights spent in a province, territory or one of the 85 official tourism regions
        • Connect VisitorView data to PRIZM to classify Canadian travellers into one of 67 unique lifestyle types to better understand target audiences
        • Data are updated monthly and estimates are presented for up to three years including quarterly and monthly data
          • ENVISION users can access two additional measures, Nights per Visitor and Nights per Visit


          Number of visitors


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          Duration of trips (Nights)



          Number of trips



          Trips per visitor


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          Origin (Common Evening Location)


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          Change over time



          Know Where Your American Visitors are Travelling From 

          VisitorView U.S. to Canada

          • Identify American neighbourhoods whose residents have a high propensity to visit Canada 
          • In combination with Claritas PRIZM® Premier, classify American travellers into one of 68 unique lifestyle types to better understand target audiences
            • Access estimates of the total number of visitors, the number of trips and the number of nights spent in each province, territory or tourism region
              • Make comparisons to previous traveller behaviour, track changes in the types of travellers, frequency and length of their trips
              • Data are updated monthly and estimates are presented for up to three years including quarterly and monthly data

                  Data Solutions Specific to the Travel and Tourism Sector

                  Mobile movement data can help the travel and tourism industry understand the impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Overnight Visitors within Canada, its provinces, territories and tourism regions (TRCs).

                  View our sample dashboard to see how mobile movement data can be used to compare: 

                  • Visitors’ travel patterns to prior weeks in 2020 and compared to the same period in 2019
                  • Different regions to assess the impact of the pandemic on Canadian travel patterns

                  The dashboard data starts the week of February 4th, 2020 and was tracked on a weekly basis until the week of July 5th, 2020 for demonstration purposes. To purchase an up-to-date version of the dashboard for your organization, contact us.


                  Insights to Attract More Visitors to Your Tourism Region

                  Marketers and analysts use VisitorView to:

                  • Differentiate seasonal strategies based on insights
                  • Identify the best regions and neighbourhoods to prospect for new visitors
                  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies on visitors to specific destinations
                  • Identify the types of travellers staying in a particular region overnight or seasonally
                  • Tailor the organizations' attractions and incentives according to the travel patterns of visitors, factoring in the type of travel and duration of their stay
                  • Better understand market share of tourism organizations in the region


                      Find more information about the VisitorView database including metadata and release notes on our community website.

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