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Discover the latest changes in the business landscape

Businesses-Quarterly provides a detailed list of businesses from Data Axle, updated quarterly.

As a regularly updated geocoded locations database, the Businesses-Quarterly dataset is ideal for selecting individual or a network of businesses that can be used for B2B analysis, business segmentation, and mapping competitors.

Over 1.1 million records are compiled using best practices and undergo a regular and exhaustive telephone verification process to ensure accuracy.

The data are cleaned by EA’s analysts to identify duplicates fully, and the records are geocoded using the best available tools.

Uncover trends by quarter

Understand how industry sectors are changing by analyzing NAICS codes quarter-over-quarter.

Explore sales territories

Analyze the latest business location data to evaluate potential profitability and feasibility of prospective areas.

Target profitable business segments

Understand employee size, sales volumes, and needs of different types of companies in your trade area.

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What is in the Businesses-Quarterly database?


  • Over 1.1 million records of businesses from Data Axle, updated quarterly
  • Company name, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) industry codes, location coordinates, ranges for the number of employees, annual sales volume ranges, and a quarter-over-quarter status field
  • Enhancement to Businesses database with a quarterly release schedule and inclusion of a change type classification field to understand the differences between releases

Answer key questions like:


  • How has an industry sector changed over time in a particular trade area?
  • Can my sales territory support more locations/expansion? What is the competitive risk in this area?
  • How many quick service restaurants are in my municipality? Can the NAICs code be used to categorize them?
  • Which, or how many, companies have more than 100 employees in my trade area?
  • To what industries do the businesses in my B2B prospect list belong?

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