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MobileScapes Plus

Flexible access to automated mobile movement data

MobileScapes Plus provides flexible access to standard and customized mobile movement data extracts that integrate programmatically into your data stores or pipelines via an application programming interface (API).

Deliver data extracts to your analysts or work with our team to better understand population movement patterns and answer key questions specific to your business. Standard and customized data extracts, including weekly reports are available via API or as flat files.

Choose weighted or unweighted data options and leverage EA's new geofence library for faster analysis and reporting. MobileScapes Plus makes it easy to incorporate mobile movement data into existing workflows, business intelligence tools, dashboards and other applications.

Answer important questions about the movement, behaviours and preferences of citizens and consumers in a post-COVID-19 reality.

For more information about our API, visit our Developers Site.


Flexible delivery

Access standard and customized data extract files through API calls

Easily accessible

Connect to existing workflows, dashboards and business intelligence tools

Highly customizable

Select format, variables, delivery type and frequency to suit your objectives

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What do you need to know about citizens and consumers?

MobileScapes Plus can help to answer:


  • How far away do my visitors likely live and work?
  • What does our trade area look like?
  • Where are my visitors coming from and what attractions are they seeing while here?
  • Where are there concentrations within my store?
  • Do the events we sponsor attract consumers that match our target?
  • Who are our shoppers/visitors and what are their interests?
  • How do my shoppers/visitors and trade area compare to my competitors?


For more information about the MobileScapes database, visit our community site.

See the Data in Action

Read about EA's recent mobile movement studies covered by the media, timely analysis from our industry experts and insights on how organizations are looking to mobile movement data and mobile analytics to inform their recovery planning.


News Coverage

Find recent coverage of EA studies looking at how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the Canadian population financially and socially.

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Measuring Canadian Travel Patterns

Understand the impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Overnight Visitors within Canada, its provinces, territories and tourism regions.

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COVID-19: A Neighbourhood View

We combined the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 case data with our population data to access a more nuanced view of the pandemic as it affects Toronto.

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Cottage Season As Usual?

Tensions rise over travel to cottage country amid the COVID-19 pandemic as people head to Ontario’s cottage country.

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MobileScapes Plus FAQs

More Ways to Access Mobile Movement Data

MobileScapes is the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date mobile movement database available for marketing and business applications. Choose from three easily accessible configurations to suit your various business needs: MobileScapes Out & About, MobileScapes ENVISION and MobileScapes Plus.

MobileScapes Out & About

Discover who is starting to leave home as the economy re-opens, where they are going and at what time of day. Inform recovery plans using weekly monitoring reports to compare out-and-about activity week-over-week or versus the same time last year.

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MobileScapes ENVISION

Now ENVISION users can quickly analyze large volumes of mobile movement data by location using hand-drawn polygons, existing location files or the new EA geofence library. Easily connect movement data to EA's 40,000 data points to derive key insights and link to dashboards and custom reports.

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Mobile Analytics

Powerful insights come from understanding the movement patterns of a population. Find out what makes MobileScapes the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date mobile movement database in Canada.

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