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Access up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination behavioural and trend data

VaccineInsights sheds light on the reasons behind COVID-19 vaccine-confidence and vaccine-hesitancy. This unique database helps government and public health communicators identify and understand vaccine-hesitant populations in Canada so that behavioural change efforts can be more relevant, targeted and effective.

The VaccineInsights database contains about 100 variables from two specialized survey sources, Caddle and BEworks in collaboration with AskingCanadians by Delvinia. By combining both surveys, researchers, analysts and marketers can understand what populations are willing, unwilling or unsure about getting the vaccine and breaks down the motivations behind that behaviour. When linked to Environics Analytics PRIZM data, users can analyze vaccine-hesitant populations at a local geographic level which can be personified for better messaging and targeting. 

Our October 2021 release of VaccineInsights also includes new variables to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic economic recovery.

Make informed decisions, quickly

Access current consumer vaccination trends data to keep up-to-date in a rapidly changing environment. 

Analyze at a local geographic level

Easily link PRIZM data to understand who vaccine-hesitant populations are and how best to connect with them. 


Inform your approach

Tailor your response to ensure behavioural change efforts are more relevant, targeted and effective.

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Two specialized survey sources combined for powerful insights

Access a total of 67 variables from Caddle and BEworks in collaboration with AskingCanadians by Delvinia to understand vaccination intention and the underlying cognitive factors that drive vaccine-confidence.

Caddle data provides 18 variables and indicates if respondents are willing, unwilling or unsure about getting the vaccine, if they think the vaccine is safe and where they prefer to get vaccinated.

BEworks cognitive and behavioural model data provides 49 variables to understand the factors that influence motivations behind vaccine-confident and vaccine-hesitant behaviour. The four key cognitive factors include:

  • Valuing Personal Beliefs vs. Empirical Evidence - How likely people are to go with their gut instinct versus scientific evidence.
  • Scientific Knowledge - Assessed knowledge of scientific principles.
  • Belief in Conspiracy Theories -  How open people are to conspiracy theories.
  • Vaccine Risk Concerns - Understanding concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Pictured above: Sample map of vaccination intent projected to Census Division as measured by VaccineInsights. Those who plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine or are unsure (Pop 16+) compared to the Canadian average. See interactive map.

New variables available - October 2021

To help re-opening businesses manage the COVID-19 landscape as part of recovery, our latest release of VaccineInsights captures additional consumer behaviour and attitudes, including:


  • Vaccination status broken down to fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated
  • Main reasons why some people are not yet vaccinated
  • Perception of safety when engaging in activities, services and places, such as public transportation, planes, trains, restaurants, theatres and casinos
  • How safe people feel about going back to work at their office outside of the home
  • Intention around getting the flu shot this year


Find more information about VaccineInsights including metadata and release notes on our community website.

VaccineInsights variables are updated regularly.

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    Pictured above: Sample map of vaccination intent projected to Dissemination Area as measured by VaccineInsights. Those who plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine or are unsure (Pop 16+) compared to Ottawa average. See interactive map.

    Respond with effectively designed initiatives

    Public health organizations, pharmaceutical retail chains and human resource departments can use VaccineInsights to:


    • Inform public service announcement strategies
    • Forecast and understand public and workforce vaccination adoption
    • Ensure those ready for the vaccine have quick and easy access
    • Plan for return to work/work from home models 
    • Link with other Environics Analytics datasets to create demographic, attitudinal and media use personas


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