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Opticks Digital Powered by Vividata

Painting a unique picture of digital users


Opticks Digital powered by Vividata provides a unique view of digital behaviours with rich data on users of over 1,100 apps and websites. It is cross-tabulated with over 30 categories of behaviours across advertising, media, online shopping and psychographic themes.

With data modelled from Vividata’s opt-in panel and their Study of Canadian Consumers (SCC), Opticks Digital provides a combination of granular online activity with the ability to tie this activity to relevant customer segments to drive greater insights into marketing messaging, media planning and execution and online shopping behaviour.

The database is updated annually and available down to the postal code level. Link to other EA databases to inform campaigns and media strategy.

Opticks Digital captures digital behaviours using privacy compliant, opted-in, metering technology embedded in the devices of a digital panel of Canadians aged 18+.

Create a media plan across channels

Leverage data on digital users across media channels to create a robust media plan driving to your websites and apps

Tailor your messaging

Leverage cross-tabulations of visit data and psychographics to develop your messaging for different types of consumers

View usage through the lens of segmentation

Understand which PRIZM® segments are frequent vs. occasional visitors

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What is in the Opticks Digital database?


  • Opticks Digital provides estimates down to the postal code level for 825 websites and 292 apps across five measures
  • Opticks DigitalPlus database integrates 510 Vividata behaviours with 1,117 websites and apps from Opticks Digital database, producing 560K combinations across five measures
  • Opticks Digital powered by Vividata databases are available in the ENVISION platform with associated Vividata memberships
  • The Opticks Digital database is available in most ENVISION tools. The Opticks DigitalPlus database is available in ENVISION under the following tools:

- Mapping - Variable
- Ranking Variables – Trade Area
- Ranking Variables – Customers
- Ranking Variables – Target Group
- Ranking Areas – Variable
- Consumption Profile – Variable

      Answer key questions like:


      • What are the online and in-store buying preferences for grocery websites or apps?
      • What PRIZM® segments use food delivery service apps and are looking for the lowest prices?
      • How concerned are fitness tracking app users about their personal appearance?
      • Which segments are likely to spend the longest on vacation travel booking sites?
      • What form of out of home advertising do video streaming site users seem to prefer?

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