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Opticks Powered by Vividata

Improve your media and marketing effectiveness

Companies, government agencies and not-for-profits use Opticks Powered by Vividata to build lifestyle and media profiles of their customers to improve the effectiveness of their media and marketing initiatives. Vividata conducts Canada’s leading syndicated study for single-source data on cross-media audiences, consumer behaviour, product usage and lifestyles. Based on a rolling 52-week online survey sample of approximately 30,500 respondents, Opticks Powered by Vividata includes more than 5,000 variables across a broad range of products, activities, services and media choices. The database offers extensive and robust data available at the postal code level. Users must be Vividata members.


Understand your customers

Are target groups heavy, medium or light consumers of TV, radio and print?


Analyze preferences by gender

Do media preferences differ between males and females?

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Adapt your marketing mix

Differentiate based on the media and lifestyle preferences of your best customers and prospects

Connect your data to behavioural data.

We can help.

5000+ variables to choose from

Access extensive data at the postal code level across a broad range of products, activities, services and media choices to better understand your audience. Users must be Vividata members.


  • Are my target groups heavy, medium or light consumers of TV, radio and print?
  • What is the optimal media strategy to connect with my customers?
  • Which restaurants and retailers do my target groups frequent?
  • How does Internet usage in one of my trade areas compare to usage in another?
  • What leisure activities do my best customers prefer and how should this influence our affinity marketing efforts?

Gender behavioural database add-on

Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) is Canada's premier gender-based behavioural database that offers 4,135 variables for those identifying as male or female across 48 population-based categories. Respondents to Vividata's syndicated study from those genders are used to generate the lifestyle and media behavioural estimates that pertain to each group. Separating male and female data helps to answer two important needs:

  • Identify if men or women are more likely to purchase or partake in an activity?
  • Personify PRIZM target groups by gender.

Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) is available as an add-on option to our Opticks Powered by Vividata product. Users must be Vividata members. Learn more on the Community website.

As a company, EA respects all gender identities. The current version of Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) only includes male and female genders. Limitations in the reporting of other gender identities are primarily related to low sample sizes.


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