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EAVault Clean Room

Faced with growing challenges in effectively reaching target audiences, due to disappearing cookies and deprecated signals, organizations are increasingly turning to first-party data strategies for customer acquisition.

The EAVault Clean Room is a made-in-Canada environment based on the highest standards of privacy and performance, designed to enable sustainable data collaboration between owners of first-party data. Let us help you leverage this secure, neutral environment for data hygiene, matching, analysis, audience targeting and campaign execution across the media ecosystem, including cross-channel measurement and attribution.

Whether you’re looking to evaluate strategic partnerships and sponsorship opportunities or wanting to scale your audience reach and get better visibility on the impact of your ad spend, our EAVault Clean Room services can help.

Privacy by Design

Ensuring rigorous levels of data security and consumer privacy to safely navigate marketplace dynamics and evolving regulatory landscape

Data Collaboration

Unlocking the value of first-party consumer data with industry and media partners for secure, transparent and easy activation

Measurement & Attribution

Connecting advertising exposure – in single or multiple channels – to consumer behaviours, from purchases to footfall

Want to know more about how we help?

Data Hygiene & Consolidation

  • Send us your data ‘as is’ for auditing, validating and cleaning to ensure optimal matching, analysis and impact
  • Break down internal data silos and bring together disparate data sets from across the enterprise without compromising consumer privacy
  • Build a robust analytical file and single customer view to leverage cross-sell and upsell opportunities across the enterprise and with partners

Data Collaboration & Insight

  • Unlock the value in your first-party consumer data and identify new marketing opportunities by collaborating with partners in a secure, privacy-compliant environment
  • Identify the overlap and untapped market potential between your organization and others, including strategic partners, marketing sponsorships and media providers
  • Get deeper geographic, demographic and behavioural insights on collaboration opportunities and outcomes by layering in EA’s comprehensive third-party data

EA has partnered with LiveRamp, bringing its data collaboration technology to Canada, to enhance marketing and advertising opportunities for brands, publishers and agencies.

Data Activation & Attribution

  • Match first-party data sources for transparent audience targeting and scaling to get the desired reach with media partners
  • Securely and directly activate audiences built from your first-party data in all key digital platforms, including social, CTV and publishers
  • Use the data collaboration environment to connect campaign data and ad exposure to consumers’ digital, physical and transactional behaviours, providing visibility on impact and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Answer key questions

  • How can I use my data more effectively to reach customers and prospects?
  • Can I evaluate potential partnerships and sponsorship opportunities without sharing my data?
  • How can I better understand the impact of my media spend on my revenue?
  • Is there a way to safely leverage the disparate data from across my organization?
  • How can I get visibility on my potential reach across media channels in the market?


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